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About me

At the age of 12, photography got my attention. Back then, I mainly focused on landscape and nature photography. However, my priorities drastically changed when I started skydiving at 16: instead of buying camera lenses, my money was spent on jump tickets and skydive equipment.

In 2014, after a break of 4 years, I took up photography again. But now I combined it with my other passion: skydiving. Being a camera flyer allows me to make great jumps as well as beautifuI images. Besides that, I'm also AFF Instructor, Static Line Instructor, 1-on-1 coach and Tandem Master.

To capture all freefall moments, I'm using Tonfly helmets, Sony photo- and videocameras and accessories from Sky Switches and Hypoxic. When it's time to open my parachute, I'm relying on a Javelin rig on my back, packed with a PD Valkyrie 71, Paratec Speed 135 and Airtec Cypres 2.

Some facts about me
    ē 24 Years old
    ē Over 3000 jumps
    ē Home dropzone is Paracentrum Texel
    ē Graduate International Applied Business Administration

~ DaniŽl